Inovations 2012

In 2012 Tatra banka focused especially on innovations in mobile applications. Mobile telephone became a payment card thanks to Contactless mobile payments; the Tatra banka application allows drawdown of a pre-approved loan and also payment of money orders by simply scanning the barcode; and lovers of art can use the Art Consulting application. Instant Card, the first virtual branch on Facebook, as well as the new Tatra banka website brought a higher comfort of client servicing.
Postal money order scanner
Payments have become simpler again. Thanks to the postal money order scanner functionality featured in the Tatra banka application for Android and iPhone, it is possible to pay postal money orders from the comfort of home. A click on the scanner icon activates the camera with which a client scans the barcode or data matrix code on a postal money order, cheque or invoice, which will complete the client’s payment order. Integration of the scanner directly into the application ensures their mutual interconnection - after making the payment, a client can immediately check the account balance. In this way it is possible to pay postal money orders to account, bank cheques and invoices that use the barcode or data matrix code.
First Non-purpose Consumer LoanTB
The Tatra banka application for Android and iPhone was extended with an innovative functionality: the Bank was the first in Slovakia to offer its clients the option to draw the pre-approved loan through the smartphone. In practice this means that a client may also use his or her smartphone application to arrange a pre-approved loan offered by the Bank - seven days a week. Through the application, a client completes the loan agreement and the funds are disbursed to their account within minutes
The Bank has also continued the development of the Reader (ČítačkaTB) application for other types of operating systems of mobile phones such as Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, etc. The mobile phone Reader has thus become a fully valid software substitute of the Card and Reader (Karta a čítačkaTB) authentication tool, and, in addition, it simplifies the Internet banking login while facilitating clients to have it always conveniently at hand in their mobile phone.
For Tatra banka’s Private Banking clients, the Bank introduced a special Art Consulting application in June 2012. The application presents a catalogue of art works by Slovak painters designed for iOS mobile devices - iPad and iPhone. An interesting feature of the application is the “Live view” function (only for iPad), which allows art collectors to virtually hang their painting on the wall at home or at work.
Contactless Mobile PaymentsTB
In March 2012, in cooperation with Visa Europe, Tatra banka was the first Slovak bank to introduce contactless mobile payments through an added iCarte device for iPhone mobile phones. Mobile phone becomes a fully valid debit card enabling payments in any amount only by enclosing the mobile phone to the payment terminal, as well as internet shopping. This made Tatra banka the first bank not only in Slovakia, but also in the European Union to do so.
Tatra PersonalTB
In 2012, Tatra banka also introduced significant innovations and superior service to the financial sphere of its clients. Thanks to the new Instant Card Issuance (Karta na počkanieTB) service a new client opening a current account with the Bank receives a comprehensive bank account with the Tatra PersonalTB service package, which is fully functional and ready to use. On the first visit a client can try Internet bankingTB, find out how the SMS payment notification works, and in a shop opposite the branch can immediately pay with the new payment card.
Instant Card IssuanceTB
In May 2012, the Bank was the first Slovak bank to apply a new approach concerning the issuance of debit payment cards. Thanks to the Instant Card (Karta na počkanieTB) service offered for all Visa Electron debit cards issued to personal current accounts, a client is issued the card immediately after application. Clients opening a new service package leave the Bank with a fully functional account and payment card on their first visit. Also, if the card gets lost or damaged, the substitute card is issued instantly at a branch without the need to wait for the delivery.
Limited credit cards designed by Erik Šille
In 2012, Tatra banka devoted the limited credit card edition to the young Slovak painter Erik Šille, and created the “Šillená karta” (crazy card). Erik Šille, the Tatra banka Foundation Art Award winner, has become the eight Slovak artist to have his work portrayed on the card. In this case it was a unique painting created specifically for this occasion.
Tatra PersonalTB Academy
On the occasion of launching the unique Instant Card (Karta na počkanieTB) service, Tatra banka also introduced to its clients new exclusive debit card designs created in cooperation with Warner Bros.
Commodity FundTB
Komoditný fondTB (Commodity Fund) brings a unique strategy of commodity investments. As the first Slovak manager, Tatra Asset Management has introduced an active approach to commodity investments, which is a complete novelty in the entire Central Europe. The main objective of the fund is to bring return from by an active combination of long and short commodity positions, regardless of whether the commodities show an increasing or decreasing trend. The concept of the fund is based on three perspectives of commodities. It looks at the commodity market as a whole, then at individual commodity sectors, and finally at individual commodities. Overall, there are six various strategies employed in the fund.
Real Estate FundTB

This fund invests in selected Slovak properties. It focuses on administrative and office buildings, and on premises in business and logistic centres. By investing in the fund, clients can gain a share in revenue from Slovak properties, anti-inflation protection by binding the rent to inflation, and a suitable tool to distribute portfolio risk.

New Protected FundTB
In 2012, Tatra Asset Management launched the new Zaistený fondTB (New Protected Fund), which allows combining the benefits from investing into mutual funds with the benefits of secured products. The fund is designed for clients wishing to appreciate their money in equity markets more profitably, while also being secured against potential decrease. Clients can thus share in the business of large corporations, benefit from an interesting yield potential while having their returns continuously locked.
New Tatra banka website
Tatra banka launched its new web in June 2012. The layout of the website has become much more transparent and it has introduced modern features in order to save time for clients looking for information. In addition to different colours, the structure of the website has changed so that the most important products are just one click away. Another criterion was the simplicity of communicating information about all products. Client satisfaction with the new web is also evidenced by numbers, with a substantially increased average time spent on our websites and increased numbers of visitors.
The “simplest bank web” – was also created alongside the new web. Those clients, who know what they want, can go straight to this link and the only thing they find is a Google-style search bar TatraSearchTB for an efficient search by key words. The Bank has also included non-standard search terms - e.g. the term “game”. After entering the term into the search bar, clients are in for a nice surprise.
Virtual Branch office
Tatra banka has become the first Slovak bank to also open the doors of its branches on Facebook. The Bank has launched the first Virtual Branch, getting closer to those clients for whom Facebook has become one of their favourite communication channels. The Virtual Branch mainly serves for general enquiries concerning products and services, Internet banking functions and options, or for advice and tips on every-day banking. Alongside Tatra ChatTB service launched by the Bank in 2011, the Virtual Branch has become another one of modern communication channels.
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