Výročná správa 2013 See Tatra banka innovations for 2013

Contactless Mobile Payments

Clients who have mobile phones with NFC technology and use the services of Orange or O2 operators, or iPhone users no longer need their wallets. They can pay in style, using their mobile phone.

Tatra banka VIAMO

Thanks to VIAMO, a new method of sending money, clients do not need to know their beneficiary’s account number or even the bank; they only need the beneficiary’s phone number. If they want to pay to someone, they can send money in this fast, simple and secure way.

Spending reportTB

This service allows clients to track their income and expenditures with the aid of clear charts. Tatra banka introduced its first version in 2010, adding new features in 2013.

Credit card devoted to Robert Roth

As part of its limited edition credit card program, Tatra banka issued a card in tribute to Robert Roth, a Slovak actor who was awarded the Tatra banka Foundation Art Award. The card depicts symbols from Hamlet, a play whose central character was played by Robert Roth.

Voice Biometrics

With the assistance of the unique Voice Biometrics (Hlasová biometriaTB) service, Tatra banka simply and easily identifies clients who call DIALOG Live – based solely on recognition of their voice. Clients no longer need the Card and Reader (Karta a čítačkaTB) to log in.

Mortgage Loan with online consultation

Thanks to the availability of online consultation with a mortgage specialist, clients can consult the terms of a mortgage loan from the comfort of their home and only need to visit a branch to file an application. This innovative service substantially simplifies the process of arranging a mortgage loan.

PrivateExclusive FundTB

The fund’s adaptive strategy adjusts to current developments in financial markets. The fund is not passively exposed to the same investments but constantly regroups to other classes of asset which record the best performance at any given moment.

BestEntry Certificate

A bonus certificate is a financial instrument that offers the opportunity to invest funds, usually in one of the blue chip stock indices, without hedging the principal.

TAM-Raiffeisen European High Yield FundTB

The first fund in Central and Eastern Europe designed as a feeder fund that invests between 85 and 100 per cent of its assets in the master fund, Raiffeisen-Europa-HighYield, within a master/feeder structure.